It has been a long personal journey for me. I always new I loved fashion and making things with my hands, but it did take a little while to work out just what that meant . As a 10  year old I recall sitting behind a machine sewing up creations for me to wear. My mum just left me to it. Knowing I was not going to be distracted from the job at hand. 

Sewing and designing was not so trendy in the nineties and it seemed important for me at the time to prove that I could make my own path. I went on to study Fine Art and then became an Art Teacher.

It is so interesting how my earlier career choices have  informed  my work today. Without these very unique set of skills I don't think I would be as good at what I do. Apart from  my internal drive and passion that lead me here,  it has to be said with out my inspiring mentor, my  mother, this dream would not be. Her support and unconditional love has given me  the opportunity to understand so much. How lucky am I to have a skill that I love and be able to share it with others.  I must not omit my wonderfully supportive Husband and beautiful clients along the way whom have put their trust in me.

Thank you. 

Here is a little snap shot of  what we do in our workroom here at Toscano Bridal. A shout out to Agi Davis for capturing these precious moments for me.