Vendor Spotlight : Introducing AGI DAVIS PHOTOGRAPHY


At the end of February,  Agi, from Agi Davis Photography  and I will be collaborating on a very special project. So I thought we'd have a chat to Agi about her story.

D: When did you use your first camera?

A: When I was 12 years old my sister let me use her manual Minolta with 50 mm lens while on a school trip to Auschwitz. 

D:What is the memorable photograph you have taken?

A: The most memorable photograph I've take  is from India. I was photographing with a little 35mm film camera with B&W film manual focus. This group of children from a small village ran towards me with such an expression of joy on their faces. I loved that moment so much and even after 10 years I still do!

AgiuDavis2015 copy copy (1).jpg

D:What does the art of photography mean to you?

A: It feels like magic. This wonderful ability to frame time. Opens my eyes to things I don’t think I would see otherwise. 

D: Do you have a favourite moment you like to capture on a wedding day?

A: My favourite time of the day is just after the ceremony. I love photographing that joy and laughter surrounding the couple. 

D: Your favourite venue to photograph?

A: Thers's a lot of great venues in Brisbane;  Loft West End is a favourite. In Byron Bay (Fig tree restaurant, Beach Caffe, Deux Belettes Guesthouse). On the Sunshine Coast,  I love Spicers Closely Estate, Mountville.

D: How/ where do people contact you? 

A: Most of the time is via emails and then I catch up if possible with each and every of my client for a coffee. It is so important to connect well with your photographer. I believe my work is based not only on photographic skills but also on trust.   

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