Choosing the Dress - 7.12.14

Why is this so hard??? You have done the rounds to every retail bridal shop there is, and discovered that every dress you tried on was just not right. Being true to your sense of style can be tough in a market where wedding dresses feel like a dime a dozen, not something special and unique you had imagined for yourself,  is it? Sounds familiar?? This was me 11 years ago when I went in search for my perfect dress. I was lucky to have the skills to make my special gown come true and a super talented mum to make it happen for me. 

This is where you realise, you are the girl who needs to talk to someone about "the dress". 

How do I go about doing that you ask? 

Here are few tips. Come to your meeting prepared. Try to have a good idea of what you like and don't like.( Some people find the latter much easier to pin point). 

Only bring your nearest and dearest. Too many voices can just drown out your own voice. This is a real thing!!

Be open minded, as working with a designer can be creative for you too.

Make sure you connect with the designer... you need to be certain you can work together. Communication is key!

Hope this helps you, as you go in search for the dress for you!




Diana ToscanoComment